Start Here: Installing Discourse on a Digital Ocean Droplet with Pfaffmanager

Pfaffmanager is still new, so there are still some rough edges. Hopefully much of this documentation will become superfluous as the product develops.

If you know about Digital Ocean and Mailgun API keys and how to configure DNS A and TXT records for your domain, things should seem pretty straightforward. Click the Click to buy link and get started!

Purchasing a New Installation

If you are not familiar with installing Discourse, these instructions should answer some questions. The various links here (e.g., to where to get API keys and such) are presented when you need them during the process, so if the information below makes sense to you, you should be able to get going now! (And if not, please let us know by posting here.

Here are the steps:

  • Create an account and log in.

  • Click the Click to buy link in the header and purchase the type of server that you want. Until the launch, you can use Stripe test credit card numbers (provided when you need them) for your “purchase.”

  • After you have made your purchase click the Server List link at the top of the page and click the “click to configure” link.

  • Enter your desired hostname. It is recommended that you use a subdomain like “forum” or “www” rather than the bare domain. See and for more information.)

  • Use this link to create a Digital Ocean account if you do not have one already. That referral link will give you a $100/60 day credit.

  • Go to the Digital Ocean API page and click the Generate New Token button to generate a new API key. After you generate it, you’ll copy and paste the token into the Digital Ocean API key field on the server page.

  • Similarly, get your Mailgun Private API key from the Settings/API Keys link on the nav bar. (It does not need to be re-generated–there is only one.) Paste it in to the the appriate field.

  • Choose a droplet size

  • When you have filled in the required information the Install on new droplet button will appear and you can click it to initiate the installation.

  • After a minute or two you will receive an email with DNS instructions. (We’re working on including those instructions in the web interface, as well as creating them automatically for some DNS providers.)

  • When the DNS records have been created and Mailgun approves your domain, the installation will continue. It takes about 15 minutes. When it is complete you’ll see that the task has finished and you’ll receive an “Your Discourse Installation is complete!” email.

You now have an official supported install as described here!